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Vidya July 31, 2006 22:04

Different convergence values

I ran a steady state simulation using the k-e model. the solution converged after 140 iterations. Then while I was looking at the velocity contours, vectors, etc. suddenly Fluent gave a message called "Fluent Not Responding". This has happened several times. It just hangs and there's nothing that I can do. Yet there are other times, when it automatically comes back up. Why does this happen so often? Sometimes, I have also lost my files due to this and had to repeat the whole simulation, which is time consuming.

Anyway, since the olution converged withing 140 iterations before the above incident happened, I re- ran the whole case. This time convergence was obtained after 110 iterations. I'm wondering why it converges at a diferent value each time, even though the latter case parameters and everything else were exactly the same as the former case. However, this didn't happen in the case of the k-w model.


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