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Eric August 2, 2006 00:17

Compile the UDF
When I wanted to hook my UDF, Fluent always said that there was an error.The information was writen in Chinese and which means missing file. Here are my prosesses :

[read] the case -> [define]->[user defined]-> [function] -> compiled -> add source file -> add header file -> click [build] -> [load]

Did I miss any step ??

Albert Franco August 2, 2006 02:10

Re: Compile the UDF
I had a similar error and I solved it instaling .net framework compiler and then revising all paths in enviroment settings.

zhhwoo August 2, 2006 22:50

Re: Compile the UDF
Using VC++ 6.0 and set the enviornment values´╝î it will be work ok.

Eric August 3, 2006 00:07

Re: Compile the UDF
Thanks!! But how to set the enviornment values?

Vidya August 3, 2006 11:28

Re: Compile the UDF
When you start Fluent, you will be asked to set the environment variables. This will do the work for you. Else, launch Fluent from the Command Prompt. I did this and ir worked!!

Eric August 3, 2006 21:00

Re: Compile the UDF
Thanks!! But, it doesn't asked me to set the envirorment variables when I star Fluent. And my machine is working on windows.

Vidya August 3, 2006 23:21

Re: Compile the UDF
You might want to do this......

Go to Start- Programs- Fluent 6.2- Set Env variable- Say YES or OK to this.


Then again go to Start- Programs and start Fluent.

Hope this helps.

Blas August 18, 2006 14:46

Re: Compile the UDF
Hi I'm having the following error once compiled and trying to load

Opening library "libudf"... Error: open_udf_library: The system cannot find the specified file.

Error Object: ()

Can anybody help please Blas

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