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HAR August 7, 2006 16:40

Unsteady Result Analysis

I searched on the forum about how to see and analyse the results in a unsteady flow but I did not see anything. So, I would like somebody to help me with this question.

I simulated an unsteady flow and I saved the animation; so I am able to visualize the flow at any time. However, when I want to plot some results I just have the data of last simulation and I cannot plot or display the results at any time.

Could somebody tell me how to display the contours or plot the data of an unsteady flow at any time of the simulation (not only the last result that FLUENT has)?

Thanks a lot!


erdem August 8, 2006 04:47

Re: Unsteady Result Analysis
hi HAR

you should save your data at at time step interval. for doing this use File->write->autosave menu in this menu the number at auto save data frequency means the time step interval that your data file to be saved. example 50 means that the data file will be saved at 50time interval. lower the value higher the disk space used


HAR August 9, 2006 10:04

Re: Unsteady Result Analysis
Thanks a lot for the hint!

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