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Hafez Bahrami August 12, 2006 03:56

VOF divergence
Dear My Friends,

I am running a 3D VOF simulation of a Lead-Acid battery using Fluent (300,000 cells). We want to simulate the rotation phenomena of a fluid in a box. Rtoating the box, when the flow reaches to fine complex geometry, it is required to reduce the time step (i.e. 10e-8). From an engineering point of view, this time step is not acceptable. It would be highly appreciated if you send me any comments regarding my problem.

I thank you in advance.

Best, Hafez

pablo cornejo August 12, 2006 13:33

Re: VOF divergence
Are you simulating your case as an unsteady case or as a steady one?

Hafez Bahrami August 12, 2006 23:38

Re: VOF divergence
unsteady, which is started with time step 10e-3 and gradually time step should be decreased to 10e-8.

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