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Mike August 12, 2006 20:01

fluent 32 bit maximum RAM
Hi! In fluent 6.3, converting grid to poliedra, an error occurs related to RAM memory. My question is if I have 3 GB RAM plus 3 GB of Swap, the fluent can reach the 6 MB TAM or only 4?? Because of 32 bit??!!


Evan Rosenbaum August 15, 2006 12:09

Re: fluent 32 bit maximum RAM
Depends on the OS. Windows will not allocate more than 2MB memory to any single process. Linux should not have this problem.

kenischi August 19, 2006 09:45

Re: fluent 32 bit maximum RAM
32 bit win systems normally 4096 mb, but the ide banks also

use 300- 400mb ,depends how much they are

but, regarding pocess you only get around 1,7 Gb

with / 3GB in boot.ini, you can increase one process to

max 3 GB. Adding 34-bit /PAE in boot.ini works only on

2003, as far as i know

Seems you are linux, seems also your RAM is too small, sure converting the whole domain cells fluent takes some place

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