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Shane August 14, 2006 01:03

Very slow to update solution
Hi all,

I'm modelling a wave run up on a beach. The simulation has been working very well until the wave gets near the beach. The complete simulation which has been running for about 1 day has been iterating at about 5seconds/iter and the solution is almost immediately updated every timestep. However, when the wave is in the process of breaking (yay so close to getting the solution), the time for "Updating solution at time level N... done." is increasing exponentially every timestep and I don't know why, before the program eventually crashes. the wave is so close to being about to break but I can't quite get there :(

Any help, thanks in advance


p.s vof model

cadaei August 14, 2006 20:29

Re: Very slow to update solution
maybe the model in using all the system memory?

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