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Mohan R August 15, 2006 04:14

to reset iteration number in FLUENT
If u are fed up of the large iteration numbers. (this happens generally when parameter sensitivity of the same case file is set and iterated further.....)

Try this ...

Step1. Read Case/Data file for which the iteration number can be restarted

Step2. save data of all variables in the domain using INTERPOLATION. (File> Interpolate) For Eg. "xyz.ip"

Step3. Initialize the same case (Solve> Initialize> Int)so the iteration counter is set to 0

Step4. read the interpolated file (File> Interpolate> Read and Interpolate) for eg. "xyz.ip"

Step5. Start iterating !

Iterations number will start from 1, and also the output fles will be store with the same iteration number.


cadaei August 15, 2006 08:17

Re: to reset iteration number in FLUENT
or just type solve/montiors/residual/reset/yes in the TUI!

Mohan R August 16, 2006 01:30

Re: to reset iteration number in FLUENT
Sorry cadaei, ur method will just show the reset in iteration number, but if u see the contors, or write the history files u will get have the old iteration number.

SJSW June 18, 2014 01:16

Dear Mohan R,

is there any additional software that needs to be installed before I try this method?

Thank you.

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