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greg August 15, 2006 08:58

connection with a server
hi. Have you aver had such problem? During iteration Fluent return such message: "waiting 5 minutes to establish connection with a server" What to do with it?? My comp. isn`t connect with net, I have a legal version of Fluent. Everything worked good but someday this problem occurred. I have formated partition with system , reinstal windows and nothing. Please help me.

cadaei August 15, 2006 11:51

Re: connection with a server
Is Fluent working ok? I think I got something like that before and it was just trying to connect to the license server.

greg August 15, 2006 14:17

Re: connection with a server
yes Fluent is workin ok but till it trying to connect to license server. Than it connecting, connecting, conecting and cant`t connect. I never had it before :(

cadaei August 15, 2006 17:22

Re: connection with a server
have you tried rebooting the license server? or checking any firewalls that are running?

greg August 16, 2006 01:26

Re: connection with a server
yes you are right. It was a problem with firewall....I formated a disk heheh (what for hehehe :)

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