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Arash Kashani August 15, 2006 11:00

weired behavior in discrete phase
does anyone really know how discrete phase model works in fluent?

I use discrete phase model in fluent to inject a single droplet and study its breakup, nevertheless I get differenr results for child drop sizes every time I run the same case, total mass of liquid particles are conserved though. Has anybody ever experienced the same thing? I wonder if I have made any mistakes or if this is in the nature of discrete phase modeling.

kirankumar August 30, 2006 07:30

Re: weired behavior in discrete phase
yes i also faced similar problem, descrete phase calculation is based on your conuous phase it is naturally varie with iteration and with run also . but in many cases it is negligible if you take more particles. but in your case you are taking only one particle. hoping for your feed back kiran

Arash Kashani August 30, 2006 16:12

Re: weired behavior in discrete phase
well, I found the answer in the KIVA II manual. Fluent basically ,like Kiva, calculates the Sauter mean diameter D32, and then determines drop sizes randomly from a x-square distribution function. that's why we get different drop sizes per run,nevertheless it seems to be reasonable if large number of drops are injected.

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