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Albert F. August 16, 2006 08:31

.bc files
Hello all,

I want to use .bc files in order to avoid setting up a case after little geometrical modifications. Has anyone knows how doest it works? I mean when I make the geometric changes all the surfaces may have the same name as the original model but what happens id new surfaces are added? Is true that fluent omit then and I only have to set up boundary conditions for this particular new surfaces?

Thanks in advance


Evan Rosenbaum August 16, 2006 11:39

Re: .bc files
You ony have to set-up conditions on new surfaces. One warning, however, is that FLUENT often changes names a bit. Say you have a wall called BASE. FLUENT will often split it into BASE and BASE:xxx, where xxx is the surface number. THese can change when you add surfaces. So, anything with a : in the name will also have to be reset.

Albert F. August 17, 2006 02:13

Re: .bc files
Ok Evan, I'll try how it works thank you!

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