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Lourival August 18, 2006 09:51

Specific Dissipation Rate (Omega)
Hy every one...

I'm simulating the flow around a circular cylinder using FLUENT with the k-w standard and SST. Also I'm trying to export the Omega value through the UDF, but before to export I compared the value from C_O(c,t) with the value posted by the Display -> Turbulence -> Specific Dissipation Rate (Omega) and they are different near the wall. Does some one know how to get the right values in all the domain ??

Best Regards


Lourival August 18, 2006 10:03

Re: Specific Dissipation Rate (Omega)
OK I Just got the idea, if we use C_O(c,t) it is the dissipation rate on the flow but if we have wall bondary, for sure that we need to use some wall treatment so this Omega is different from the flow field and it is necessary to acount for it,

Omega_wall = F_STORAGE_R(face_cell, thread_cell, SV_O);

Best regards

Lourival Mendes

dave0198 July 25, 2010 08:59

Hi Lourival,

I am currently facing the same problem with the C_O(c,t) macro, could you explain to me in a bit more detail how you managed to obtain the correct result at the wall?

Many Thanks

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