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Ben August 21, 2006 15:30

Reversed flow on external aero problem
Hi All,

I'm running an external case for a NACA0012 wing and I'm getting reversed flow at the flow field outlet. Do you think this is something I should worry about? I'm going by the assumption that its far enough away from the point of interest not to matter a whole lot. My flow field boundaries are 20c away all around the wing except in front where its 15c.

Cheers, and thanks in advance. Ben

shalu August 21, 2006 16:05

Re: Reversed flow on external aero problem
check your gauge pressure value at outlet. if it is different at different outlet boundaries then u might get reversed flow. or if u ar specifying some non-zero gauge pressure at outlet keeping oprating pressure Atmospheric and in reality it should match with Atmospheric conditions then too u can get reversed flow.

Niki August 22, 2006 10:05

Problem reversed flow on internal flow IC.Engine
when i saw this forum,i also have some question here about the scavenging simulation for two-stroke engine.When i run the modelling,similar problem like above problem (reversed flow),i try to change the value of control solution setting.I dont know how solve the reversed flow.hopes anyone can help me:.,this my email.,

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