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mech August 24, 2006 02:28

-------pressure gradient
Hi How to express dT/dx in fluent when dT/dx is a dimensionless quantity. As it is a dimensionless quantity so I think we can not use C_T_G(c,t)[0]. Thanks. Mech

Dong Wenchao August 24, 2006 03:29

Re: -------pressure gradient
Why dT/dx is a dimensionless quantity? why it can't express with C_T_G(c,t)[0]when it's a dimentionless quantity?I think it can.

Also, for pressure gradient, we can express dP/dx with C_P(c,t)[0].

Now, I faced a queations that how to express the temperature gradient at a face. Because there is not corresponding macro in FLUENT.For example, we can express cell's dT/dx with C_T_G()[0],but we can't express face's dT/dx with it, and there is not F_T_G()[0].

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