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Florian August 28, 2006 20:58

Fluid Structure Interaction in Fluent
I am facing a problem concerning Fluid Structure Interaction in Fluent. The case is as follows: 1. Airfoil section with elastic beam part attached to its trailing edge 2. Airfoil is plunging up and down in a surrounding steady airflow 3. I am using a dynamic mesh; a motion with given beam deflection (application of bending cases) including the surrounding boundary layer is done

Now I would like to calculate the (natural, not given) interaction (deflection of the beam, forces on beam) between the elastic beam and the airflow at each time step and apply updated values to the next time step's calculation process in order to achieve a fluid structure interaction of this case.

My questions are: Does this sound reasonable or too complicated? Are there other ways to perform such calculations? Has anybody some experience with such a problem? How could it be solved using a compiled UDF?

I would like to use Fluent for this investigation. My Fluent version is 6.2.16.

Thank you very much for your replies.


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