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Ori Levin August 29, 2006 10:21

Problem with BC on non-overlapping grid interface

I am using grid interfaces in order to create nice meshes. However, when ever I end up with a non-overlapping part of one interface surface that should be a wall, I am not able to get a no-slip boundary condition.

When defining grid interfaces, new surfaces "wall-XX" corresponding to the non-overlapping regions are created (if no non-overlapping region, they are simply empty). As I understand it, those new surfaces should take care of the boundary condition as you wish to have. But even though I keep the default condition of a no-slip wall I get slip conditions at these "interface walls".

What should I do to receive no-slip boundary conditions at these non-overlapping interfaces? To further help you to help me, I have prepared a home page with some figures and the Gambit and Fluent files for a small example problem located at:

Rajit August 29, 2006 18:32

Re: Problem with BC on non-overlapping grid interf
Hi Ori,

Check out the viscosity of the fluid and the speed at which it is flowing near the area of concern. Boundary layers depend on these issues as well.



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