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rakesh August 31, 2006 05:01

packed bed
can any body help me in simulating the packed bed by 'porous media approach',


Wilson September 1, 2006 01:21

Re: packed bed

Yes I can help you on this. What you really need on porous media approcach? Please me elaborate.

Thanks Wilson

Rakesh September 1, 2006 04:56

packed bed
Thanks for responding, actually i m trying to simulate a simple case of packed bed,1m length and 100mm dia,packed with 10mm glass beads(density 2500kg/m3. now air is flowing to upward direction from bottom with 0.5 m/s. i m selecting the following options. define-models-solver-axisymmetric,unsteady define-models-viscous-laminar materials-air as default operating conditions-operating pressure=101325 as default enabling gravity X=-9.81, Y=0 enabling specified operating density option. boundary conditions-enabling porous zone option-direction-1 vector 1,0 as default,viscous resistance direction 1=4828045, dirction 2=0 as calculated form the formula given for packed bed, inertial resistance direction 1= 2054.495 ,direction 2=0 power law coefficient C0=0, C1=0, porosity =.453 given as experimental value.

solve- initialize-inlet-velocity =0.5.

after iterating the above i m not geting the desired result of pressure drop.

any kind of help in this regard is welcome


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