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Hassan August 31, 2006 10:59

Eulerian Model, Packing limit
hi everybody

could anybody explain me the term "packing limit" when we use eulerian multiphase model and if we change this value, how is it goona effect the distribution of the solid phase (granular) in the fluid phase

Thanks Hassan

cadaei August 31, 2006 14:46

Re: Eulerian Model, Packing limit
The packing limit is the highest solids volume fraction that is possible in a computational cell. The default value of 0.63 is derived from stacking monodisperse spheres as far as I can remember.

Its really only a limiter thats implemented numerically. The physical value of the limit depends on the type of material in use. For example, particles with varying diameters would have a higher packing limit because the small particles would fill the gaps between the bigger ones.

Increasing the limit will allow more of the granular phase per unit volume and decreasing it will have the opposite effect.

Hassan August 31, 2006 15:39

Re: Eulerian Model, Packing limit
thanks a lot Cadie i got ur point.

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