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Hassan August 31, 2006 16:37

Eulerian Model
Hi Cadaie I have a Zone where I want to patch my secondary (granular) phase to "1". If I use packing limit say "0.8", it reduces the volume fraction of granular phase to 0.8 right away which is understandable. If I patch volume fraction of 1 in that zone and use packing limit of 1 it diverges. What do u suggest? Should I make a bigger volume zone and patch my volume fraction of granular phase to 0.7 or 0.8 accordingly to match my total amount of granular phase and use packing limit of 1 or 0.8 or more than that. Do u think it's a good idea?


cadaei August 31, 2006 18:09

Re: Eulerian Model
Is there a reason why you need to use a packing limit of 1?

I think the reason the solution diverges using a limit of 1 is because the primary phase has to have a volume fraction greater than 0 in each cell.

Your suggestion of patching a bigger volume seems like the best approach because very high packing limits are not physically realistic.

Hassan September 1, 2006 07:39

Re: Eulerian Model
thanks Cadaei

that is what i am goona do now.


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