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inderpreet singh September 5, 2006 02:27

new to fluent; where to start?
hello friends, i am new to fluent and cfd. please guide me from where should i start my work on ic engine simulation

zxaar September 5, 2006 03:28

Re: new to fluent; where to start?
Start from the fluent GUI, everything is given in logical order or need (from left to right). Look at the menus and try to understand what each is for. Try to gather the answers from manuals, or from other people who have experience with fluent.

Take a very small mesh, say 1000 cells and do some experiments with it. Untill you feel you are comfortable with it.

Albert F. September 5, 2006 04:46

Re: new to fluent; where to start?
I will do some tutorials. Although you won't understand it totally it's a good way to get use with fluent iterface.

RoM September 5, 2006 06:16

Re: new to fluent; where to start?


MarkRussell September 5, 2006 11:53

Re: new to fluent; where to start?
I would support the use of the Cornell tutorials. I really like these and will devlop some others in time.

One thing that is really important is a willingness to 'stand back' from all the 'button pushing' and ask yourself what does it all mean?

I.e. what was the purpose of xx etc.

That way you will not be too tied to the buttons/interface of fluent but gain a better understanding of the cfd methodology.

Good luck

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