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Nolin September 6, 2006 10:21

Rotating Propeller
Hello, I am somewhat new to fluent. I plan on using Gridgen to make the mesh for my project. I'm trying to figure out how to have a rotating object in the solver. I've been searching the forums and I keep seeing things like rotating reference frame and relative velocity. I can't seem to find anywhere that explains how to make a rotating object. My project is similar to a ducted fan engine although it's very unrelated. So how do I make it so that I can have a static shroud with a rotating propeller inside it? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Nolin September 6, 2006 23:07

Re: Rotating Propeller
Ok, so I figured out how to set the moving wall properties, but do I need to do anything to the stuff around it (i.e. the other walls in the area, the block that it's a part of)?

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