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prakash September 7, 2006 00:53

solving mixing gases reg
Dear CFD users

I am solving, 3-D, natural gas diffusion through leak in LNG container; I need some help how to solve.

Problem Definition: Methane gas has filled in a large container and followed by nitrogen filled in small space and separated by wall. The small leak existing on the wall (leak size is around 0.5mm), the CH4 gas diffuses through leak and mixes with nitrogen.

The CH4 gas has maintain at higher pressure and low temperatures (negative)

For example CH4 pressure (100mbar gauge) and temp (-140C), N2 (5mbar gauge) and temp (20C). These are the initial conditions.

I tried to solve by multiphase mixture and k-e model for unsteady flow. According to the selection the solution is not converging and the results are abnormally changing.

Please give me suggestions how to proceed to solve this problem. Your suggestions are appreciable and thanks in advance.

Regards prakash

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