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Vidya Raja September 7, 2006 15:23

Error in Fluent

I'm running a pulsatile simulation in Fluent. I'm using the NITA scheme for the simulation. After a few iterations, I get an error mesage that says:

Error: Floating Point Error: invalid number

Error object: ()

What does it mean and how can it be fixed?

I started with the converged steady state simulation, then hooked the pulsatile velocity with the UDF, and then started the simulation with a very small time step size of 2*10e-5 with 200,000 time steps. The time period of the wave is 2sec and I want the simulation to run for 2 full cycles.

Can anyone tell me what could possibly be wrong?


szw September 16, 2006 22:04

Re: Error in Fluent
hello, I counter the same question,but I have not solved the question if you know the answer please tell me thank you

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