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G.Vijaya Rama Reddy September 14, 2006 00:35

Simulation of a flow through porous mesh in fluent

i want some guide lines for simulating(defining domain, assessment of 2D boundary layer(BL) thickness after simulation) a flow through a porous mesh.

brief description of my problem:

1.We have a porous plate, and we maintain two solutions having different concentration (top-high con. and bottom low con.) and flow takes place due to the concentration gradient. we want to do this simu. for high Schmidt no(Sc) case.

2.we approximate a uniform concentration(no gradient due to high Sc number) in concentration BL.

3.Finally, we want to estimate the BL thicknesses of velocity and concentration BLs depend on the through flow velocity.

Please give guide lines to define computational domain and defining b'conditions and estimating the BL thickness after simulation.



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