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Vidya Raja September 17, 2006 23:07

Turbulence model equations

I'm running my simulation using the k-w turbulence model. Is there any way I can know the exact equations (for flo, turbulence, and UDS) that Fluent is solving?

I looked up the Fluent Help manual and I didn't find an answer that specifically answers my question. There's stuff on how to model turbulence but i didn't find too much information on the equations that are being solved with each model.

I'm making a presentation and need information on the equations being solved.


selva September 18, 2006 00:09

Re: Turbulence model equations
the k-w equation is given in the fluent help in turbulence modeling. the k-w eqn incorporated in fluent is Wlicox k-w u can have a look at wilcox turbulence modeling book.

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