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Alex H September 18, 2006 01:44

Periodic boundary and SRF
Hi everyone, I'm looking at modelling a propeller, using Gambit as the preprocessor. The propeller has 2 blades, so i'm looking at using a periodic boundary such that i only have to model 1 blade.

I assume the control volume i will use will have periodic boundaries 180 degress apart since there are 2 blades. However i'm just not sure how a single rotating frame works - is there a cylindrical type sub-volume which holds the prop, outside of which is the external flow?

I'm getting a bit lost in all of this and am stuck on the best way to model a rotating propeller. Are there any good references for this type of modelling? At this stage, only the prop is being modelled, no engine/shaft etc. behind it.

Any help is appreciated,


a September 18, 2006 02:33

Re: Periodic boundary and SRF
just look at help of gambit

ejaz benchot matherchut September 18, 2006 10:53

Re: Periodic boundary and SRF
I am The EXpert Of all Thing. Please Ask ME

manohar September 18, 2006 12:25

Re: Periodic boundary and SRF
i think, u can use SRF and for decision on control volume, u just go through the literature.

its possible. just go through the fluent user guide for single rotating frame

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