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Jai September 21, 2006 16:55

Gambit error- the edge degenerates into a point
I am generating a simple geometry in Gambit to simulate flow in a tube in Fluent. The diameter of the tube is extremely small( in the order of microns) compared to the lenght(10E-4) These are very small dimensions. In Gambit, when trying to create an edge between the vertices, i keep getting this error, the edge degenerates into a point. Is there a physical limitation to the geometry that can be drawn using GAMBIT and if it is there can i override it somehow? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

sam September 23, 2006 04:00

Re: Gambit error- the edge degenerates into a poin
change the defaut limits

complex March 2, 2017 09:07

line degenerates into a point
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check if the one of the points you selected is defined for two or more names ..that is go to point information and select one of the point and open the check box , it may consist of two points for a selected single point ....hope this helps

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