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Ralf Schmidt September 22, 2006 09:45

udf to set vel. = 0 at a grid point or a cell

Is there a way, to set the velocity = 0 at a grid point or a cell?? Like having a wall there, but without actually modeling the wall.

I have a complex geometry, with many possible variations. Now, I don't want to model the geometry every time, that would be a hell lot of work. I want to use a udf that defines me a wall at the point in the volume, where my solid is.

I will read all grid points with an external programm, calculate the value for that point (eg. 1 = solid, 0 = fluid) and read the values back into fluent. Now, where is the udf command, that sets the velocity = 0 at the points with value 1 ????

I know, that will not represent the flow correctly - the wall will not have the exact shape of the real wall. But the simulation doesn't has to be so accurate, because it is a rough estimate, what happens in the volume.

Any Idea???


PS.: I tried with a very high value for the interial resistance (porouse zone) but that didn't work out well

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