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Raj September 22, 2006 15:21

Naca 0012
For flow over a Naca 0012 airfoil ( compressible)...I set a pressure far filed boundary condition. The inputs I have to give for this condition are mach number,gauge pressure and temperature...for example I give the guage pressure of 101325 pascal,temp of 300k and mach number of 0.4. How can I calculate the reynolds number for that case

DINH September 23, 2006 09:20

Re: Naca 0012
It's easy. Initilize->Compute From, choose "Farfield", Fluent calculates automatically the velocity components. From that velocity, calculate Reynolds number!!!!!

Rajj September 23, 2006 15:55

Re: Naca 0012
ya I know...but the density and viscosity the reynolds number is bit different...

for exmaple for this example in student fluent can u tell me how did he get 10 to power 5 the reynolds number



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