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vitmalin September 26, 2006 00:35

problems with rotatinig incompess. flow modelling
Greetings everyone!

I've got a problem performing modeling of incompressible water flow in centrifugal pump on Fluent 6.1 (10000 rpm and 1e+5 as operational pressure). Namely, I obtain flow field with very large negative values of absolute pressures (i.e. -6e+5 Pa). May be the problem arises from unproperly defined periodic bc, which was created from non-comformal surface grids with the use of define>grid-int>make-period> then rotational periodicity and rotation angle (of course I define appropriate rotational axis). After this procedure new periodic-1 surface appears (with rotational pointer), but during the calculation I don't see periodic solution at all. In my case maximum positive and minimum negative pressures occur in the vicinity of the boundaries of periodic interfaces. Also I don't understand how negative absolute pressure could be obtained during the simulation while I define in solution>control>limits 1e+4 as minmal absolute pressure value? Could anyone tell me what is wrong with such formulation and how to solve this problem?

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