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Nicolas Meynet October 4, 2006 15:45

Gambit IGES import numeration issue

I'm working on a geometry in CATIA that I export to gambit as IGES, STEP or directly as a .CATPart. But when you modify the gemetry in CATIA ( i.e. the position of a vertex), the Gambit numeration scheme for vertex, edges and surfaces change. This make imposible to reuse the Journal to generate the new mesh.

Any solution ?


HSeldon October 7, 2006 12:44

Re: Gambit IGES import numeration issue
Hi Nicolas, I had the same problem with journals in gambit. I think they work well when you are creating geometry in gambit. Otherwise the program has no criteria to label vertex, edges, faces... in the same locations with differents igs. Perhaps if you´re dealing with the same geometry, but with more than two modifications (let´s say and airfoil with several angles of attack) you could import the geometry, modify it for the first time in gambit, save the journal, edit it for the next problem, and keep going. It should work.

I hope this helps! Greetings from Argentina.

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