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Gaurav October 5, 2006 20:52

Hypersonic flow capabilities

Can FLUENT handle hypersonic flows, i.e. say a velocity of Mach 20 - 30, which may be experienced by space shuttles during reentry?

If not, is there any other software in the market which can, or is specifically suited to do so?

Thank you.

Ahmed October 5, 2006 21:03

Re: Hypersonic flow capabilities
If you write the proper UDF functions to handle the effects of dissociation on fluid properties, the answer is Yes

Chandra Murthy October 6, 2006 09:10

Re: Hypersonic flow capabilities
Fluent's density based solver(Coupled sover) does not have any limitation on Mach number. Using UDF for air chemistry to account for dissociation of air, you can get better results.

dreamchaser June 4, 2014 14:02

UDF to Model Finite Rate Chemistry

I am simulating hypersonic flow over a sphere.
I would like to use Fluent's Finite Rate Chemistry Model.

I have a reaction file which I used on CFD++ software. However, I realized that I need to re-format this UDF to use in Fluent. Does anyone have advice on the structure of this UDF?

If anyone has an example UDF with the correct format for the reactions, I would be greatful!


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