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Nico October 6, 2006 04:26

gridgen to fluent problems
I am exporting some mesh from gridgen to fluent in cas format. In fluent i am getting some face handedness problems when running grid check (2 LH out of 2m faces). I d like to know if there are any commands in gridgen to check that? Is grid repair really repairing the mesh correctly (i cant reload a repaired mesh).



John Chawner October 7, 2006 13:03

Re: gridgen to fluent problems
Hello Nico.

It's difficult to diagnose your mesh's specific problem from this description. Gridgen's Examine command in the Block menu can be used to check the quality of your volume mesh.

Please consider contacting Gridgen Tech Support at 888-GRIDGEN or

nicolas October 8, 2006 10:39

Re: gridgen to fluent problems
my problem is left-hand/ right hand faces.

John Chawner October 8, 2006 12:28

Re: gridgen to fluent problems
Left-handed structured blocks usually result when one of the faces has a degeneracy. For example, when one of the faces is collapsed to a line (a pole). This type of topology may confuse the block assembly algorithm such that the resulting block is left-handed. Any structured block without degeneracies should automatically be right-handed when created.

However, at any time you can change the handedness of a block using the Specify I,J,K (or Specify Xi, Eta, Zeta) command in the block menu.

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