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Rana October 9, 2006 02:13

size function
Dear Sirs,

I have a problem with size function and meshing. I am having a complcated 2D geometry where the space to mesh is around 0.4 mm in some part whereas it has around 6 mm in some part. So, I used (Fized) Size function with Start size = 0.0002 m and End with 0.001 m with growth of 1.1. I connected all the edge with the face as attachment. The geometry doesnt accept meshing, with this size function. It runs but after longgg time it denies to mesh. Can anyone tell me why it happened & what has to be done now in order to mesh considering the small space as welk as the larger space.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


Rajit October 9, 2006 18:26

Re: size function
Hi Rana,

Whats the error gambit spits out.

If possible mail your geometry to me at

Thanks Regards Rajit

Rana October 10, 2006 02:28

Re: size function
Hi Rajit,

The problem with my geometry is with the narrow channel which i have to mesh. the channel is 0.4 mm in width. as i have to mesh this extremely narrow space as well as broad space; i used size function. Start = 0.0002 m with growth of 1.1 and ends = 0.005 m. i used fixed size function with edges as source and the face (i had one face) as attachment. although the no. of cells were manageable, i foud equiangle skewness of this 2D geometry is 0.95 - which is definitely unaccepable.

now pls suggest me how to mesh with acceptable skewness.

kind regards


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