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David October 11, 2006 13:17

(URGENT) plot density profile along a line?
Dear all

I tried to solve an unsteady compressible flow problem. I have simulated my problem, but i don't know how to extract the information what i need. I just started to use flunet recently. So I would like to plot a density profile along the y-direction which means that i want to take the average respect to the x and z. I really don't know how to do it...can anyone help me??? plz...

sach October 11, 2006 22:56

Re: (URGENT) plot density profile along a line?
1) open grid disply with onlt edge/feature on face off 1) go th desply, sweep surface,select y, click compute, changr th loaction with curser create a plane 3) go to contour use dedsity plot, select auto scale, click disply of the plane created previously 4) if you want value go to report an you get the avg value

let me know if this work

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