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Asghari October 12, 2006 08:09

How to discretize of energy equation ??
Hello all;

I want to fix temprature in a zone and for this purpose i must use a source term in the energy equation as following form:

S=Sc+Sp*phi_p;where Sp=-Sc/(enthalpy or temperature of zone?)=a great number; My question is this: WHAT IS PHI IN THIS EQUATION? enthalpy or temperature?

In the other words,How should we consider dicretization of energy equation in fluent?

is this ? a_p*h_p=Sigma{a_n*h_n}+Sh; where Sh is source term ,h is enthalpy , n indecates to neighbor cells and p indecates main node. Or is it? a_p*T_p=Sigma{a_n*T_n}+Sh; where T indicates to temperature.

Please help me.

Best regards;

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