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PaweĊ‚ October 15, 2006 10:34

Gambit 2.0 and 2.2 STAIRSTEP meshing difference

I've been using stairstep mesh to create irregular mesh in a cube. I this case I've created a cube (100,100,100), and split it with the smaller one (10,10,10), placed in the corner of the bigger one.

Using gambit 2.0 I've meshed smaller one with HEX_MAP mesh (element size 1). Then the rest of the volume (bigger cube), I have meshed with STAIRSTEP scheme (element size 2). After that the mesh which was created was stepping from 1 (in the small cube) to 2 (in the rest of the geometry, all mesh elements fits together. The stairstep mesh was created in a virtual volume which fits to original real volume. When I fuse this kind of mesh I fluent it works fine.

But when I use gambit 2.2 stairstep meshing doesn't work the same way anymore. Stairstep mesh creates aprox virtual volume which doesn't fit to real volume.

What is the cause of the difference in appearance of stairstep mesh? Are there any defaults to change that?

Thanks for you help.

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