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hirokata October 19, 2006 02:16

Help with Lookup_Thread function
Hello all-

I desperately need some help with function Lookup_Thread. I have been using this function whenever I needed to retrieve some values in particular zones along with loops around either cell or face. For example,

<font face=courier> Thread *t; cell_t c; int zone_ID = 2; Thread *thread_name = Lookup_Thread(domain,zone_ID);

thread_loop_c(t,domain) { begin_c_loop(c,t) { if (t == thread_name) { DO SOMETHING; } } end_c_loop(c,t) }</font>

As I understand this function looks up the "Zone ID" found in the Boundary Condition Panel. If I need to look up a thread that's not listed in the BC Panel how can I do this? So, say, if I want to retrieve Thread associated with a Surface ID? I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!


RoM October 19, 2006 03:26

Re: Help with Lookup_Thread function
This qiestuin pops up from time to time and as far as i know is not possible to access post processing surfaces in udf.


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