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Eduardo October 21, 2006 14:04

Natural Convection Problem
Hello I am modeling a natural convection problem in a close environment of a viscous (temperature dependence fluid). In fact simulating a problem that I found in a paper. The set parameters are as follows: Density (boussinesq); mu (polynomial T dependency), compressibility factor, etc. The layout of the Can is: A rectangle with the axis boundary type at the X axis, and the sides are wall set at 400 K. Gravity force is activated with the gravity in the x direction. Initialization: temperature at 300, velocity in x direction 0.01 pressure 0. Now, when iterating it gives me the Temperature profile, velocity profile but the density plot never changes. I see the temperature monitor changing as well as the velocity. I see the temperature and velocity contours but nothing about temperature change. Can any one give me a clue in what I am missing? Thanks Eduardo

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