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Ramandeep singh October 26, 2006 22:37

heat transfer modelling of reciprocatingcompressor
I am doing a project on heat transfer analysis of reciprocating compressors. I have gone through help documentation of fluent but its complicated to understand is their any way else to learn.

Further I have studied the in cylinder model and dynamic mesh model for moving piston. can u tell me how to model heat transfer and what boundary conditions should i use like do i have to use inlet pressure and outlet pressure and as I am doing steady state analysis should i take wall as adiabatic or with some temperature, I want to see how the temperature variation occurs in one cycle and how it gets steady.

please help me.

Ryan October 27, 2006 01:24

Re: heat transfer modelling of reciprocatingcompre
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gwen520 April 12, 2015 03:59


Originally Posted by Ryan
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Dear Ryan
Today, I find your post on the about heat transfer modeling of the reciprocating compressor.
Recently,I also struggling on such issue.I want to modeling the transient heat transfer betweem the inner gas,the solid(cylinder) and the outside cooling air.
This model concerns the dynamic mesh and conjugate heat transfer problems.
Now I plan to solve this model use Fluent, but I wonder if Fluent can solve such problems.
can you give me some advice or tutorials?
thanks in advanvce !

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