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Maria October 28, 2006 17:36

Error for exporting files .msh to FLUENT
Hi , i'm modelling a pompe axial , but i have a problem when i try to export the file .msh to solver Fluent , this error appears:

Volume 1 has higher order elements and cannot be exported to format FLUENT

I don't know how resolve this problem and it is over all the volumes in the geometry , sincerely Thanks!!!!

Andrew Berner October 28, 2006 18:15

Re: Error for exporting files .msh to FLUENT
How exactly did you mesh your volume? Hopefully someone else will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe higher order elements are where you have like a 20 node hexahedron, or 10 node tets, six node tris, or that sort of thing... i.e. more nodes on an element than are geometrically necessary to define that element (hope that makes sense). I think Fluent's numerics deal only with linear elements, so three nodes for a tri, four for a tet, eight for a hex element, etc. From the fluent documentation, it should convert higher order elements to linear elements on import, but if that's failing, you may need to check the element type you used in meshing the volume and remesh with linear elements. Hope this is helpful...


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