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Rekha October 30, 2006 14:50

flow over cylinder
I want to model flow over two cylinders in Fluent 6.2, I just have a reynolds number, which turbulence model should I use preferably and why??

rekha October 30, 2006 16:06

Re: flow over cylinder
I forgot, that I dont intend to report any specific values I just want the vorticity contours...

sach October 31, 2006 01:56

Re: flow over cylinder
for vorticity fluent recomends rng model is you are using thin fluid (air water) then go for k-e second order, but for rng check whats the mesh requirement I am not sure but you need to go for hex mesh. beware of the y+. Rekha let me know if it works, shall I kidd for a min "Umrao Jaan"

Michael B October 31, 2006 05:25

Re: flow over cylinder
dont use k-espilon as it tends to stick more to the surface than in real life. Use a k-omega based SST instead. Check out

sach October 31, 2006 05:34

Re: flow over cylinder
Michael what you thimnk about RNG for rotating for (vorticity)

Michael B October 31, 2006 06:32

Re: flow over cylinder
probably better than standard k-epsilon but I have the experience that it is very case dependent. If you wan't to calc swirling flows i recommend RSM.

Salar askari November 1, 2006 05:26

Re: flow over cylinder
Hi, Use k-epsilon model.

rekha November 1, 2006 14:45

Re: flow over cylinder

I want to make it an external flow, I dont want any walls except the cylinder walls, how should be my mesh and BC's, what should be taken care of while mesh generation.. Please Help! rekha.

RAMESH K November 2, 2006 15:05

Re: flow over cylinder
Vortex shedding is an unsteady phenomenon. The user may apply either a steady state or unsteady (time dependent) solver to capture these effects, as appropriate. follow this link - 21k

vinod mate November 6, 2006 23:37

Re: flow over cylinder
dear rekha , i m working on flow over the cylinder in heat exchnger. can u suggest some thing when flow velocity is inclined. pl mail me thanks vinod

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