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Milano October 31, 2006 10:00

DPM report sample in batch mode
Dear users, how can i perform DPM sample trajectories in batch mode by *.jou file?

Using GUI i can do *Report/Discrete Phase/Sample... *select my injections and plane* *hit compute*

I`m using 6.2.16 version. I tried commands like report/dpm-sample-report or (ti-dpm-sample-report) but they does not works...

Thanx very much for Your answers Milano

Bernhard September 29, 2009 05:25

Are there any solutions known for this issue? Particle sampling in the planes works properly for me in the graphical mode, but when I try to configure this using the TUI in a journalfile, the corresponding files are created, but the particle data is not sampled.

barzin August 6, 2012 12:00

Dear Bernhard

Hope you are well. I know it has been a long time from this post but now I have faced kinda same problem. I would like to the changes of my particle variables (e.g. velocity magnitude or diameter) in a specific plane which I define. Could this be done by using sampling? It does not work for me at all when I follow the Fluent user guid. Please help me if you can.

Bernhard August 6, 2012 16:01

It is a long time ago that I worked with Fluent, but probably I solved it. I found this in an old journalfile (Fluent 6)

That is the best I can do for you. Good luck!

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