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Ana Raquel Rosado November 8, 2006 05:41

Wall Boundary Conditions
Hi everyone!

I am working with fluent to simulate the atmosfere, but I really can't seem to find the best wall boundary condition witch will be more real to our atmosfere. can anyone advice me?

Thanks in advance

Nestor November 8, 2006 09:17

Re: Wall Boundary Conditions

what do you mean with wall boundary condition? are you talking about the inputs once you choose it's a wall or the boundary condition in general for the ground? THis is interesting, but very hard to simulate, isn´t it? If you are talking about the upper layer of the atmosphere, I'd choose a pressure far field.

[[[[ Por cierto, creo que deberías mejorar un poco el inglés porque es posible que con "bruja" escrito en medio no te entiendan. ;-) ]]]]


Ana Raquel Rosado November 8, 2006 10:02

Re: Wall Boundary Conditions
Thanks Nestor

In fact it was a small mistake, I really wanted to write "which"! :)

when I said "Wall Boundary Condition" I actually mean the boundary condition in general! for example, fluent presents boundary tipes such as "interior", "interface" .... and I really don´t no which to choose!


justme November 8, 2006 23:18

Re: Wall Boundary Conditions
I am also doing those modellings. Velocity inlet; outlet or pressure outlet (almost the same!) at the top symetry and laterally you should use also symetry.....if it applies. At the groung...wall of course

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