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May November 9, 2006 03:41

Modelling heat transfer in wood
I encounter a problem in modelling heat transfer of wood. The source term in heat transfer for wood is devolatisation rate or pyrolysis. Current work usually involves pyrolysis of the constitutent components of wood, rather than wood as a solid piece. Therefore: -

1. If wood is modelled as a solid, there is no input for the constituent components.

2. If the constituent components are to be introduced, then species transport must be enabled and the transport equation solved.

In a case of simple conduction type-problem i.e convection is turned off, the heat transfer problem does not concern any of the physical models listed for species transport modelling as seen in the Species Model panel.

3. The porous media conditions, as an alternative to solid and liquid, entail inputs for pressure, which is again omitted in the problem formulation in my case, where pressure is assumed constant.

Therefore, how to model wood in terms of its contituent components? Anyone has done similar work on this area and could share your insights? Thanks : )

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