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ViHAR MALViYA November 10, 2006 11:26

Problem starting Gambit
I have a problem in loading Gambit, which gives a constant error as quoted below...

_____QUOTE START_____


Current gambit usage: 1. sengvm@REU111945300 Fri Nov 10 15:49 REU111945300 License for gambit expires 16-aug-2007.

Using X_DEVICE_DRIVER with standard visual. gambit XIO: fatal IO error 0 (No error) on X server "REU111945300:0.0"

after 1466 requests (1463 known processed) with 209 events remaining.

_____QUOTE END_____

Following is the configuration for reference...



Motherboard chipset : Intel DQ965GF

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 1.86 GHz

Memory : 4 GB DDR2 @ 667 MHz

Graphics : nVidia GeForce 7600GT / 256MB VRAM / PCI-E x16

Display : Iiyama ProLite E1900WS-S1 @ 1440x900 / 75 Hz



Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional (2002) SP2

Exceed for Windows NT : X Windows Server Version (up to 64 connections) (installed locally)

Gambit : 2.0.4 (I think) (installed on a network drive - does not load, gives the error quoted above!!!)

Fluent : 6.0.12 (installed on a network drive - running fine)


I am not sure what more information is required to solve this issue.

In a previous post, a similar problem was identified. The proposed solution was to delete any '.lok' file on the system. I could not find any '.lok' file on any local or network drive.

There's a lot of work that I have oustanding because Gambit won't start. Please help!

Any suggestions? Anyone?

Thanks and Regards,


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