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Giuliano November 13, 2006 03:40

problem with Mesh motion, please help me!
Hi everybody, I'm trying to simulate the interaction rotor-stator of a centrifugal compressor: - I'm using just one channel with a central blade, I have a rotational periodicity of 15; - For the rotor fluid the input is Mesh motion with a certain angular velocity. When I start a mesh motion to verify the sliding rotor-stator, I see that at the end of the period the rotor doesn't come back to the original position (rotor- stator alined), but starts from a period before so that it needs another period to come back to the original position. I launched a simulation but as I expected I had a periodicity double than the original. Anyone knows the problem? Please help me.

Sastry November 16, 2006 23:37

Re: problem with Mesh motion, please help me!
i dont know much about it but,i want to know how u verified the mesh motion,which boundary condition u gave for fluid"moving reference frame or moving mesh" pls tell how u checked the mesh motion


Giuliano November 17, 2006 03:44

Re: problem with Mesh motion, please help me!
I used: Solve-Mesh Motion to check the motion, I just insert a time step and a number of time step to performe. Clicking the button Preview u see the motion. For the rotor fluid I chose Mesh Motion and put a value for the angular velocity; for the stator fluid I left Stationary. That's all.

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