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Alex H November 14, 2006 04:50

URGENT! periodic boundaries
Hi everyone,

I've completed an analysis of a propeller (2-bladed) using a rotating reference frame and periodic boundaries, such that only ONE propeller blade is modelled in the computational domain. Within Fluent, the 'view' can be simply mirrored periodically such that 2 propeller blades appear.

When reporting FORCES and MOMENTS (report-->forces), the values printed are unchanged when displaying 1 propeller blade or 2 propeller blades.

My question is, when i click "Print forces", is the value displayed for just the 1 blade of the propeller that was modelled, or does it consider both blades when printing the force due to the application of the periodic boundaries?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thankyou,


younsi November 14, 2006 05:50

Re: URGENT! periodic boundaries
Hi! I already meat the same problem in the numerical simulation of the flow in a centrifugal fan. I think that the printed value of forces or moments is relative to just one blade when you work in periodic boundary conditions. Mohand

Alex H November 14, 2006 16:02

Re: URGENT! periodic boundaries
thanks Mohand, I appreciate the reply!

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