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Kevin A. November 25, 2006 18:53

porous media with variable porosity
Hi all, hope someone can guide me. I am trying to implement a porous media model with random porosity using the Eulerian model, so far I have implemented the initial porosity distribution modifying an example UDS. My problem is, what do I have to do to keep the porosity fixed during transient calculations? by using a UDS so the porosity distribution is read at every step?(that seems to me quite inefficient to say the least)

Please guide Thanks in advance Kev

Sidy December 7, 2006 23:43

Re: porous media with variable porosity
Hello Kevin, I am working on a problem I think is similar to yours, I have a 2D cylinder with a moving top wall (only moving down) and a solid stationary bottom wall, the 2 walls on the sides are pressure outlet boundary conditions. in the interior of the cylinder, I want to have a porous media (can I also add fluid in the porous media). As the cylinder comes down, the porosity should should decrease (does fluent do this automatically internally or do I have to define a UDF), as a result fluid comes out through the presure outlet boundary conditions. I have been reading fluent tutorials and so on. Can this be done and can someone help me with this.

Thank you

Ralf Schmidt December 8, 2006 04:53

Re: porous media with variable porosity
Hi Kevin,

I was trying to set a porosity distribution with the example udf also! But somehow, i didn't succseed.

Could you please send me the udf you are using?? To:

Thanks a lot


zeboudj December 24, 2006 11:56

Re: porous media with variable porosity
Dear, I want to work on project using fluent but no idea about the capability of such soft for porous media modeling.

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