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matt November 27, 2006 05:11

memory (RAM) question
I have HP xw8400 Workstation with a dual core intel(R) Xeon (R) CPU @3. 00 GHz, there are 4 GB Ram, however when I look at Fluent memory Status it says:

Physical Page Physical+Page

Total 2097151 KB 522240 KB 2619391 Free 1581244 KB 522240 KB 2103388

Seems like Fluent sees much less than what is available, is this OK? Thank you for your insight, regards, -matt

Thomas November 27, 2006 09:04

Re: memory (RAM) question
Is your OS Win XP 32 bit?


matt November 27, 2006 09:07

Re: memory (RAM) question
yes it is win xp, 32 bit

matt November 27, 2006 09:10

Re: memory (RAM) question
hi thomas, thank you for your reply yes it is win xp, to be honest i do not know if it is 32 bit or not... how can i gather that info. regards

Thomas November 27, 2006 09:16

Re: memory (RAM) question
Win XP 32 bit can address a maximum value of 2 GB RAM: You have to install a 64 bit OS.


matt November 27, 2006 09:37

Re: memory (RAM) question
thank you much thomas, appreciated:) have a great day...

bli November 28, 2006 04:28

Re: memory (RAM) question

Currently, 32-bit editions of Windows are capable of supporting up to 4 gigabytes (GB) of system memory, with up to 2 GB of dedicated memory per process. Windows Professional XP Edition x64 currently supports up to 128 GB of RAM, with the potential to support up to 16 terabytes of virtual memory as hardware capabilities and memory sizes improve.

matt November 28, 2006 04:30

Re: memory (RAM) question
thanks bli! appreciated:) have a great day...

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