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Krishna Yadav November 30, 2006 03:27

iteration window
hello frenz While i give instruction to iterate after setting the problemonly the iteration widows opens up showing the co-ordinate axes which enteds as the no.of iterations increase without showing the residual,x velocity,y velocity lines.. Frenz plz help me sort out this problem. thanks

Seeker Phil November 30, 2006 13:48

Re: iteration window
Look at the main Fluent window and see what the output is. Do you see the residuals converging in your output? Also, check your residual monitors setting and see if there is something worng there (Normalize /Scale ) Good luck phil

Krishna Yadav December 1, 2006 04:03

Re: iteration window
yes residuals r converging in my output at the main Fluent window.And also residual monietors setting too is o.k with scale. I guess this is the problem of graphics as the main fluent window also shows the error message of graphics when animation files r tried to save. thanks

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